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Litigation & Dispute Resolution


Litigation and dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation, and arbitration) are two areas where in-depth investigations by trusted partners can make a real difference. We partner with law and international dispute resolution firms, to assist them with their investigative needs for their cases.

Bringing thoughtful and tailored solutions that support your legal strategy.

Supporting your legal strategy

delivering results

Support from Beginning to End

We work meticulously to avoid the ballooning costs of escalation by communicating and working in perfect synergy with your internal and external counsel, during every stage of a lawsuit or dispute resolution settlement. This includes prior to the filing of a complaint, before settlement, throughout discovery, during trial, and in the appeal process.

We amass information pertaining to potential witnesses and secure sworn statements, undertake extensive research of parties, dive into the backgrounds of expert witnesses which could be positioned in a way to question credibility or present bias, and more. All so you have the information to secure the outcome you need.