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Doing business in global markets exposes you to political, economic, legal, sociological, cultural, and criminal risk. A lack of experience or insight in these situations can expose your business to potentially dangerous outcomes, from cultural indiscretion to expropriation or even civil unrest.

Our global risk investigations assess these risks and reveal the true issues at hand.

Know the risks before investing in a region riddled with unrest

New Market Entry

Our global investigative services team works with you to gain a better understanding of the risks associated with a potential investment or new venture. We conduct a sweeping examination – assessing everything from political volatility to human rights violations, so you can be well-informed prior to committing to entry.

Political Risk Mitigation

Understand the cause for delays, unexpected costs, issues with local and national authorities. Our investigations will help you better assess obstacles to securing licenses and permits, local community insights, political instability, operational challenges, and more. We give you the information to make smart decisions.

Government Sanctions

Whether comprehensive or selective, against and individual, organization or regime, navigating international sanctions is a complex endeavor. Despite ever-changing circumstances, companies are expected to play their part or risk punitive action by government agencies. We help you navigate it all with ease.

Corporate Due diligence

When it comes to new partnerships, investors, or clients, you need to be sure who you are doing business with. Through corporate due diligence we empower you to understand who to place trust in as you grow your business, no matter the territory, ensuring you can move forward with knowledge.