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Uncovering the Truth

Protecting your Assets and Reputation

Deep Investigations that expose illicit activity


It’s vital to know exactly
who you’re doing business with

The Owl acts as your intel partner, helping you protect your assets and hard-earned reputation from crime.

From financial crimes to human trafficking investigations, we dig deep so that you can stay one step ahead of criminal activity and the dire consequences it can have for your business.



Consider us the ace up your sleeve. Our world-class team of multilingual investigators and regulatory specialists carries out specialized investigations navigating and exposing internal and external corrupt networks and actors and shedding light on possible geopolitical risks.

We discreetly collect evidence, identify red flags, and rigorously follow the money so you have all the facts and can make the appropriate decisions.

 Get protection from:

Bribery and Embezzlement

Sanctions Evasion

Corruption Coverups

Money Laundering

Terrorist Financing

Human Trafficking

And More Kinds of Illicit Activity



Why Trust The Owl?

Just like our namesake, we pride ourselves on our powers of observation, predatory skills, and complete discretion. We are truth-hunters, completely committed to revealing the dark crimes that can negatively affect honest businesses.

With The Owl you get:

  • Boutique service
  • A flexible creative approach
  • Investigations beyond borders
  • Exceptional professionals
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • A partner who’s got your back

Looking to protect your business with actionable intelligence and in-depth investigations?

Then you need The Owl.