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We Dare to


Our goal is simple: provide actionable intelligence to ensure companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals do not fall victim to criminals and have the insights they need to make the best decisions and obtain the best possible results.

We prey on the criminals looking to take advantage of your business.

We stop at nothing

to protect your assets and reputation

Who & What is The Owl?

Just like its namesake, The Owl Team is observant, adaptable, and so well camouflaged it’s almost invisible. 

With The Owl, you get our whole Owl Parliament working on risk mitigation and investigations. We operate in the most discreet and meticulous way, with the sole purpose of exposing corrupt and criminal organizations and individuals that could bring down your business.

Our Mission

To assist our clients with their ongoing investigative needs by providing intelligence that will support them in taking concise and actionable results while protecting them from illicit actors.

Our Vision

To be the leaders amongst the global investigative and consulting firms in preventing and stopping illicit actors from taking advantage of organizations through actionable intelligence. As such, strengthening the strategic position of organizations with the highest standards of rigor and analysis.

Our Modus Operandi

We partner with growing companies and corporations to prevent any possibility of your business involuntarily engaging or facilitating criminal activity. From ensuring you don’t take any kind of dirty money to preventing any form of child or slave labor infiltrating your supply chain, our team is always looking out for you. We take care of your company as if it were ours.

Our seasoned investigators and regulatory experts dive deep to expose any illicit activity present and implement the controls that will keep you clean and operating efficiently. We carry out in-depth investigations and provide actionable intelligence so you can make informed decisions about partnerships, clients, investments, supply chain operations, jurisdictions, and more.

Our multilingual and multicultural approach coupled with our passion for the truth helps us fly far and wide, conducting global risk investigations which yield clear, actionable results.