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Financial Crimes


Call us criminals with a conscience. We’ve been doing this long enough to know exactly how criminal organizations think. But we use that information to protect your business. The Owl is a partner on your side – a global investigative services consultancy firm offering specialized services.

We are disciples of the truth, committed to rooting out and putting a stop to threatening criminal activity.

Follow the money

Money Laundering

We’ll help you navigate complex international regulatory Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements through enhanced due diligence into non-profits, potential clients, and business partners to ensure illicit funds are not flowing via complex ownership structures. We will also conduct internal reviews of your AML compliance program and assist you in filing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) or Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs).


Terrorist organizations are constantly looking to infiltrate new regions, markets, and organizations. Their creativity in obtaining financing for their operations is constantly evolving. These organizations employ multi-layer structures that utilize fronts and shells to obscure their trace, making them extremely difficult to track. We assist you with enhanced due diligence and risk assessments when working with new partners.


The shifting nature of international sanctions and embargoes against industries, businesses, individuals, and regimes requires the ability to navigate swiftly and efficiently through regulatory complexities. We assist you in screening and analyzing the persons and entities involved in potential transactions so you can remain compliant, identifying potential illicit actors and transactions intending to evade sanctions.


Our financial crime investigators help you navigate the complex and evolving world of crypto finance, assessing stakeholders, token movements, and the newest regulations in an ever-evolving industry. We work with you to minimize the risk of exposure to global financial crimes and ensure your digital assets are safe and protected as you work with cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


We work as your trusted ally in preventing fraud in all its forms through risk mitigation and investigations. Whether a criminal enterprise is looking to make you a victim or an unknowing facilitator, our expert team will work with you to follow the money, reveal the sources behind complex webs of front businesses to stop deception in its tracks, and protect your business from risk.

Bribery & Corruption

A popular misconception is to assume that corruption, bribery, and embezzlement only occur at the government level when, the truth is, that it’s also common that greedy corporations and officials can engage in these practices to gain the upper hand. Detecting who is engaging in these activities can be tricky and hard to prove. Our team will explore every possible avenue and flag anything out of the ordinary to ensure transparency.


All financial crimes schemes involve some form of tax evasion. From simple layering and use of tax havens to smuggling and evasion of customs duty, you need experts who can dig deep beneath the surface. Our team will ensure that you don’t become entangled in such schemes. With our financial crimes investigations, we maintain your reputation and operations intact, no matter where you are operating.