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International Trade


As international trade has expanded, so have the myriad rules and regulations that govern it. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to civil and criminal penalties as well as substantial operational and legal expenses.

As a business, you need to know that every element of your supply chain is working according to the standards you uphold.

Sourcing internationally

without ever compromising your integrity

Bringing Clarity to Complexity

Our expert investigators will work with you on international trade and compliance to vet potential suppliers, manufacturers, and business partners, and assessing risk. Our team has experience in handling the full range of trade-related investigations and compliance matters, including sanctions, export controls, anti-dumping/countervailing duties (AD/CVD), and customs.

Global Operations, International Standards

When working across borders, it is vital that not just the products, but every element within them, is sourced in line with regional and international laws on working conditions, sustainability, modern slavery, child abuse, human rights, and other vital areas.

Complex government regulations and unpredictable geopolitical forces are raising the stakes for businesses seeking to expand in foreign markets or protect domestic interests. Today’s challenges require a deep understanding of global trade regulations and the agility to adapt to the rapidly changing global nature.

We have extensive experience conducting international trade compliance and due diligence investigations for clients worldwide. Through our global investigative services, we work to assess political risk and governmental capabilities so you can ensure your suppliers can work effectively and efficiently.

What We Do

The Owl becomes your compliance partner when it comes to international trade and supply chain transparency. We are experienced in investigating everything from forced labor to sanctions evasions and are committed to working at your side every step of the way to ensure you are well aware of the risks and liabilities within the operations in which you are engaging. Your integrity is our priority.

Our investigators understand first-hand the priorities and goals of regulatory and law-enforcement agencies — that depth of understanding allows us to develop and offer multifaceted approaches to the issues our clients face. We also work closely with client leadership and boards to conduct discreet, wide-ranging internal compliance reviews, and surprise inspections.


We work alongside clients on the full spectrum of international trade-related investigations: