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Meet Our

Parliament of Owls

We are a team of investigators and professionals who combine regulatory expertise with investigative curiosity and a can-do attitude to always uncover the facts and provide actionable intelligence through our criminal investigation services.

We maintain a solutions-oriented approach in everything we do.

Always on the hunt

for illicit actors

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Just like the elusive, alert owl, our success lies in our ability to blend in and investigate anonymously without raising suspicion.

Our seasoned investigators and regulatory experts dive deep to expose any illicit activity present and implement the controls that will keep you clean and operating efficiently. Our teams brings several decades of combined experience from diverse backgrounds to the table. Due to the nature of our investigations and the global footprint our team has, identities remain confidential as a matter of personal security. 

Eurasian Eagle Owl

The Feisty Rebel

Great Horned Owl

The Corporate Wizard

Burrowing Owl

The Unapologetic Historian

Long-Eared Owl

The Data Guru


The Methodical Gentleman

Northern Hawk Owl

The Military Cadet


The Verbal Warrior