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Why Work with

The Owl?

Call us criminals with a conscience. We’ve been doing this long enough to know exactly how criminal organizations think. But we use that information to protect your business. The Owl is a partner on your side – a global investigative services consultancy firm offering specialized services.

We are disciples of the truth, committed to rooting out and putting a stop to threatening criminal activity.

We dare to investigate

the darkest criminal activity


From specialized investigations and compliance services to enhanced due diligence and red-flag identification, we conduct thorough investigations that yield actionable results to save businesses from financial losses.


Everything we do is tailored according to each client’s needs. No investigation is identical and no approach should be either.



We adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. It’s why clients choose our corporate investigations firm.



Just like the elusive, alert owl, our success lies in our ability to blend in and investigate anonymously without raising suspicion.



We analyze and collect myriad data to deliver actionable intelligence that ensures our clients remain ethical and transparent.


With our customized, creative approach, we can track leads globally, uncovering trails in-house due diligence may not reveal.