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How to tell if your business partner is committing fraud

Forging a new, strategic business partnership is an effective way of helping your business expand and grow into new, exciting markets. 

However, working with a partner in a foreign country comes with risks. 

Of course, you’ll encounter cultural differences, such as different customs and business practices, which lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications. There are language barriers and potentially time zone differences.

But there are also a host of other risks that could land you in hot water. Is there a culture of corruption or bribery in the country where you’ll be operating? How do local laws differ from yours? Is there political instability? Or perhaps it is a country at risk from natural disasters. 

Embarking on a new partnership in a new country requires going beyond simple due diligence. You need to research your partner’s background, reputation, financial situation and legal status to help you avoid further problems down the line.

An initial due diligence investigation may have raised red flags, or perhaps you just want to be thorough. That’s when you need a specialized investigation that will dig a little deeper.

The work of our Owl

Our Owls conduct background research, retrieving records and opening inquiries to delve into the reputation of potential business partners and who is really behind them. We check on ownership and management, including beneficial owners, and investigate everything from working practices to regulatory matters, as well as following up on any red flags. All so we can help to protect your business.

When you work globally, you need investigators who can reach across borders with you. Working with people who know the country, understand cultural norms, speak the language and are familiar with local jurisdiction is essential. That’s why, at The Owl, we have a multicultural, multilingual team who can pick up on the details that really matter.

A helping hand when investigating across borders can mean a smoother experience conducting background checks and gaining access to records. It’s not always as easy as in the USA, and it can make all the difference to have someone in the know, and if necessary on the ground, who can look into the way things work.

Carrying out a meticulous international investigation involves navigating border barriers and overseas privacy issues. That’s why you need to make sure you have the right people behind you, communicating regularly, and ensuring you’re always part of the process so that you can make informed decisions.

At The Owl, we take a piercing look at potential international partners so you can feel confident about who you’re doing business with. 

June 26, 2024

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