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Support and Development

Avoid the cost of non-compliance with ongoing support from our regulatory team. We’ll bring our knowledge and experience to you through program development, compliance support services, trainings, and consultation.

Collaborating with you to define your needs, we will tailor our compliance programs to your business and teams.

Ensuring legal business operations

from day one

Helping You Manage Risk

As your compliance support specialists, we offer informed advice and strategy for the government and management challenges you may face as a business and alert you of any new regulatory changes that may impact you.

We will work alongside you in the organization of compliance departments, building reports, creating manuals and policies, governance relationships, and governing bodies. Whether it’s focusing on policy and operational governance or providing training programs in everything from anti-corruption to anti-money laundering, we work as an extension of your team.

At The Owl, we help you address shifting regulatory standards and create compliance programs tailored to your business. Through education, we can enhance your ability to monitor and mitigate risk, so you can confidently respond to regulators that your corporate governance structures are keeping your business safe.

Regulatory Consultancy

We assist your business to comply with local, global, and regional policies and regulations which impact your operation, reducing regulatory risks. We also ensure that all the products or services that your company offers meet any governing regulations.

We provide guidance and input on how proposed legislation may affect your company. Staying on top or even ahead of policy changes can save you thousands of dollars.

Based on our regulatory expertise, we can help you find out the relevant regulatory requirements for your business, to fulfill your legal obligations.